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Prometric DHA HAAD Mock test 6
According to the coverage schedule; how many unites you would give your patient:

The nurse is caring for a diabetic child whose 11 m. blood glucose monitoring check is 269 mg/dL. The physician orders the following coverage schedule:

  • 150 to 200 mg/dL—2 units of Humulin R
  • 201 to 250 mg/dL—4 units of Humulin R
  • 251 to 300 mg/dL—6 units of Humulin R
  • 301 to 350 mg/dL—8 units of Humulin R
  • 351 to 399 mg/dL—10 units of Humulin R
  • Over 400 mg/dL—call the physician

What is the name of The process of movement of a dissolved substance (solutes) from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration:

A patient with colostomy, what type of stool you should suspect:

A client is being prepared for a thoracentesis. A nurse assists the client to which position for the procedure:

A nurse is preparing to insert a nasogastric tube into a client. The nurse places the client in which position for insertion:

A nurse develops a plan of care for a client with deep vein thrombosis. Which client position or activity in the plan will be included:

A client in labor is transported to the delivery room and is prepared for a cesarean delivery. The client is transferred to the delivery room table, and the nurse places the client in the:

The nurse is caring for a client who is 1 day postoperative for a total hip replacement. Which is the best position in which the nurse should place the client:

Which of the following is the best position to increase the brain perfusion( cerebral perfusion):

A nurse is administering a cleansing enema to a client with a fecal impaction. Before administering the enema, the nurse places the client in which position:

A client has just returned to a nursing unit after an above-knee amputation of the right leg. A nurse places the client in which position:

A nurse is caring for a client with a severe burn who is scheduled for an autograft to be placed on the lower extremity. The nurse develops a postoperative plan of care for the client and includes which of the following in the plan:

A nurse is preparing to care for a client who has returned to the nursing unit following cardiac catheterization performed through the femoral artery. The nurse checks the physician’s prescription and plans to allow which client position or activity following the procedure:

After the client undergoes a total hip replacement, how should the nurse position the affected hip?

A client has an open reduction and internal fixation for a fractured hip. Postoperatively the nurse should position the client's affected extremity in:

Which of the following positions should the nurse place a client for rectal tube insertion:

Which of the following position is appropriate for the patient to use for self-administration of fleet enema:

The best position for a child with myelomeningocele is?

Unless the physician orders otherwise, in which position should the nurse place the infant during the postoperative period of surgical repair of the myelomeningocele:

The nurse is caring for a client with an above-the-knee amputation (AKA). To prevent contractures, the nurse should:

Postoperative nursing care of the infant following surgical repair of a cleft lip would include:

The client has returned to the nursing unit following a right below-the-knee amputation. How should the nurse position the client?

What position should the nurse place the head of the bed in to obtain the most accurate reading of jugular vein distention:

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Which of the following body positions is best for a patient with increased ICP:

Immediately after a percutaneous liver biopsy, the nurse should place the client in which of the following positions:

An adult has low back pain. Which position is likely to be most comfortable for the client:

which is the least desirable position in which the nurse can place the client:

  • When planning the client’s postoperative care,

for a patient who is suffering from acute asthma attack is:

  • Which of the following is the appropriate position

A patient with COPD is admitted to the How can the nurse best position the patient to improve gas exchange:

After undergoing a thyroidectomy, a client develops hypocalcemia and tetany. Which electrolyte should the nurse anticipate administering:

The nurse who elicits a positive Chvostek’s signwould suspect that the patient has which condition:

Which of the following is the best method to decrease confusion and irritability for asthmatic patient:

Which one of the baseline vital signs that has the most effect on spO2:

A patient is admitted to the emergencydepartment with a stab wound to the right chest. Air can be heard entering his chest with each inspiration. To decrease the possibility of a tension pneumothorax in the patient, the nurse should:

A client with pneumonia has a temperature of 102.6 ° F (39.2 ° C), is diaphoretic, and has a productive cough. The nurse should include which of the following measures in the plan of care:

The nurse reviews an arterial blood gas report for aclient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). PH 7.35; PC02 62; PO2 70; HCO3 34 the nurse should:

If the nurse notes the following symptoms after the client begins taking sertraline (Zoloft), which one is most likely drug-related:

Which of the following diets would be most appropriate for a client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD):

The physician has prescribed sertraline (Zoloft) 50 mg daily for a client with depression. Which finding should be reported to the physician?

A patient was diagnosed with depression 6 weeks ago, and was prescribed anti-depressant drug.1 week ago the patient started to complain of irritability and had difficult sleep for only 3 hours daily. Which of the following is the best nursing action:

16 years old girl tried to suicide by taking a large amount of valium (benzodiazepines), the nurse knows that the antidote for this drug is:

The nurse would expect to find which information when reviewing the history of a client diagnosed with multiple sclerosis:

The antidote for morphine overdose is:

The nurse assesses a respiratory rate of 10 on a client with cancer who has just received a hydromorphone hydrochloride (Dilaudid) injection. Which drug should the nurse be prepared to administer:

Which of the following drugs is the antidote for magnesium toxicity:

A client with myasthenia gravis is suspected of having cholinergic crisis. Which of the following indicate that this crisis exists:

A client with myasthenia gravis is receiving pyridostigmine (Mestinon). The nurse monitors for signs and symptoms of cholinergic crisis caused by overdose of the medication. The nurse checks the medication supply to ensure that which medication is available for administration if a cholinergic crisis occurs:

Which of the following is the purpose of providing atropine prior to anesthesia and surgery:

A client is diagnosed as having secondary Cushing’s syndrome. The nurse knows that the client has most likely been taking which medication:

A patient has the following preoperative medication order: morphine 10 mg with atropine 0.4 mg IM. The nurse informs the patient that this injection will:

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