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Prometric DHA HAAD Mock test 4
During a prenatal visit, a client at 36 weeks’ gestation tells a nurse that she has painful, irregular contractions. What should the nurse recommend?

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A health care provider prescribes losartan (Cozaar) for a client. Which is the most important nursing action?

During the postpartum period a nurse identifies that a client’s rubella titer is negative. What action should the nurse plan to take?

An infant with hydrocephalus has a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt surgically inserted. What nursing care is essential during the first 24 hours after this procedure?

An older adult is hospitalized for weight loss and dehydration because of nutritional deficits. What should the nurse consider when caring for this client?

A health care provider orders peak and trough levels of an antibiotic for a client who is receiving vancomycin IV piggyback (IVPB). When should a blood sample be obtained to determine a peak level of the antibiotic?

A nurse is teaching a client who has arthritis about the steroid medication prescribed by the health care provider. Which client statement about why it is important to take steroid medication at mealtimes indicates that the teaching was effective?

What is the priority nursing intervention on admission of a primigravida in labor?

An external monitor is placed on the abdomen of a client admitted in active labor. The nurse identifies that during each contraction, the fetal heart rate decelerates as the contraction peaks. What should the nurse do next?

A nurse is caring for a client with the diagnosis of bulimia nervosa. The nurse understands that individuals with bulimia use food to:

A client is admitted with a diagnosis of chronic adrenal insufficiency. When assigning a room, which roommate should be avoided because of the newly admitted client’s condition?

While on a hike, a rusty nail pierces the sole of an adolescent’s foot and the adolescent is brought to the emergency department of a local hospital. Tetanus immune globulin is prescribed because the adolescent does not know when the last tetanus immunization was received. The nurse administers the prescribed dose of tetanus immune globulin and explains that it provides:

A nurse is caring for a client with Addison disease. What should the nurse teach the client to do regarding an appropriate diet?

What response should a nurse be particularly alert for when assessing a client for side effects of long-term cortisone therapy?

A nurse observes that an infant has head control and can roll over but can neither sit up without support nor transfer an object from one hand to the other. What developmental age should the nurse estimate based on these observations?

A health care provider prescribes milrinone (Primacor) for a client with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure who was unresponsive to conventional drug therapy. What is most important for the nurse to do first?

A nurse plans care for a client with a somatoform disorder based on the understanding that it is:

During a group therapy session, some members accuse a client of intellectualizing to avoid discussing feelings. The client asks whether the nurse agrees with the others. What is the nurse’s best response?

A client is admitted to the postanesthesia care unit after an abdominal hysterectomy. Which assessment should the nurse report to the health care provider immediately?

A client rescued from a burning building has partial- and full-thickness burns over 40% of the body. Which is the initial physiologic change that the nurse can expect?

A nurse is caring for a newly admitted client who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has a history of hyperactivity and combativeness. Later in the evening, a commotion is heard, and this client is found hitting another client. What are the legal implications of this situation?

While the nurse is talking to a hypermanic client, the client’s conversation becomes vulgar. How should the nurse respond to the client’s behavior?

A nurse is teaching a 10-year-old child with type 1 diabetes about insulin requirements. When should the nurse explain that insulin needs will decrease?

On which concern should the nurse focus when caring for a client after abdominal surgery?

A health care provider informs a client that a T-tube will be in place after an abdominal cholecystectomy and a choledochostomy. What should the nurse include in the preoperative teaching for this client regarding the primary reason why a T-tube is necessary?

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