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Pediatric Immunization Schedule | Prometric HAAD DHA MOH questions
When should a child receive the first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine?

A mother is clarifying doubts with the pediatric nurse about varicella vaccine. Which of the following statement is incorrect about varicella vaccine?

Which of the following statement is false about MMR vaccine?

Which of the following statement is false about flu vaccine?

Which of the following response from a mother indicate, she needs further education on vaccines?

A 2-month-old arrives to the clinic for a well-child visit. While collecting a health history, the mother reports that the child received the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, has no pertinent medical/surgical history, takes no medications, and has no allergies. The child’s vital signs are the following: heart rate 123, respirations 34, and temperature 98.7 ‘F. Which of the following option is incorrect statements regarding the care you will provide to this child?

A mother brings her 4 year old infant for routine vaccination. The vital sigs are assessed and found to be normal. Which of the following is incorrect?

Which of the following is incorrect about BCG vaccine?

The concept of vaccine was first developed by ?

Which of the following is a live vaccine?

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