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Prone Position CPR *AHA updates*

Prone Position CPR

Prone CPR – AHA updates For patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 who are in a prone position without an advanced airway, attempt to place in the supine position for continued resuscitation. Although the effectiveness of CPR in the prone position is not completely known, for those patients who are in the prone position with […]

Steps of BLS

The steps of Basic Life Support (BLS) are designed to provide immediate care for someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. BLS is often provided by healthcare professionals, such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), but it can also be provided by non-professional rescuers, such as a family member or bystander. The […]

OET Writing Grammar – Connectors

Below are the list of connectors recommended in OET letter Writing Simple connectors (called conjunctions): and, but, or. Complex connectors: however, therefore, although, unless, despite, in spite of, subsequently, consequently Owing to, in view of. These connectors should be avoided in OET letter Writing Academic connectors: furthermore, moreover Informal connectors: besides, meanwhile, so. Time phrases On admission, Upon discharge, […]


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JOSNA THOMAS, APOLLO HOSPITAL HERBERT KUMAR -DHA-GLOBAL ANNAMMA KARUNA HOSPITAL Binumol-DHA-St John Hospital CICI-CHACKO-SAUDI-PROMETRIC-ST ANNS HOSPITAL HARSHA FORTIS HOSPITAL SUAUDI Hussain Pasha-Global-Saudi JIJI-ABRAHAM-SEVEN-HILL-SAUDI Lisa-saudi-saifee hospital MARIA-DHA-PUNE. MEHROSH-DHA-SAIFEE HOSPITAL TISHA-P-G-SAUDI-WOCKHARDT HOSPITAL Bimalu Benny_Lilavati Hospital_OET Giji Rajan_HN Reliance_OET Jilu James_Lilavati Hospital_OET Judy_Lilavati Hospital_OET Rinju Mathew_Bombay Hospital_OET Sonia Abraham_HN Reliance_OET Thabeetha OET Breach Candy Hospital Diniya Joseph Aleena […]

How to do AHA ACLS and PALS Pretest Online?

How to do AHA ACLS/PALS Pretest Online? ACLS and PALS courses include a Precourse Self-Assessment that is required for entry into the course. Step 1: Go to the pretest website ACLS: PALS: Step 2: Click on Menu Step 3: Sign in | Sign Up If you already have an account, sign in.  If […]

What is BLS course? Basic Life Support (BLS)

What is BLS course? Basic Life Support (BLS) Basic Life Support (BLS) is an American Heart Association course which is now made mandatory for most of the health care professionals and other employees. This course prepares to act promptly and effectively in an episode of Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Arrest, and Choking. This course is intended for […]

How to download AHA BLS ACLS PALS certificates from Atlas | 2022

How to Download BLS, ACLS, PALS E cards and Online Certificates Follow these steps to download BLS / ACLS / PALS Ecards and Online Certificates STEPS TO DOWNLOAD BLS, ACLS, PALS E CARDS AND CERTIFICATES. Step 1: In google, type AHA atlas loginIf you face any issues in login, Please chat with me on whats […]

Saudi Prometric exam Changes

Is Saudi Prometric exam changing? This is to give you a clear idea about the updated Saudi Prometric exam. STEPS FOR APPEARING SAUDI PROMETRIC EXAM. Step 1: Apply for dataflow (20-35 days)The average cost for this is Rs.21000 (inclusive of service charges) – For basic tariff.Documents needed are: Scanned copies of1. Passport2. Passport size pic3. […]

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