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Prometric DHA HAAD Mock Test 9
The nurse is developing a bowel-retraining plan for a client with multiple sclerosis. Which measure is likely to be least helpful to the client?

Which organism is responsible for the onset of rheumatic fever?

For what reason are patients instructed to do Kegel exercises when they are discharged after childbirth:

You are preparing to discharge a patient who suffered third degree burn, which of the following instructions is appropriate to give the patient to decrease infection:

The most effective procedure to prevent spared of infection is:

What is the normal pulse range for an adult?

A four year- old girl was playing outside in a park when she came running to her mother crying and holding her right, upper arm. Two hours later they presented to the emergency department. There was a swelling over the upper right arm, with pain and itching at the site as well as swelling of the oral mucosa. The child seemsWhat is the next most appropriate step in management?

A 65 year- old man presents with a resting tremor in the right forearm. An assessment of gait reveals decreased arm swinging and slight dragging of the foot on the right side. His body movements are slow. He has not been sleeping well at night for the past six months due to leg pain and says that he feels constantly tired and weak. He reports that he has not suffered any recent fall and that the symptoms seem to be slowly worsening.Which medication is most likely to be administered?

When planning discharge teaching for the parent of an infant with bronchiolitis, the nurse should EMPHASIZE:

A home care nurse visits a diabetic patient who was started on insulin injections. Upon examination, the nurse observes small lumps and dents on the right upper arm where the patient has injected insulin. What is the BEST nursing intervention?

When is the correct time for the nurse to administer the child’s morning dose of a combination regular and NPH insulin?

The client has an order for administration of 10 units of regular insulin to be given at 7:00 a.m. The nurse should offer a snack at:

The client is being treated with NPH insulin at 8:00a.m. The nurse should offer a snack at:

A client with diabetes comes to the emergency department. The nurse obtains a blood glucose measurement with a glucometer and notes that it is 510 mg/dL. The physician orders I.V. insulin. Which type of insulin can be given both intravenously and subcutaneously?

If a client with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus receives 5 units of NPH insulin every morning at 7 a.m., the nurse should closely monitor the client for signs of hypoglycemia at what time:

NPH is an example of which type of insulin:

The nurse is preparing a discharge plan for a 65 year- old man with a new diagnosis of congestive heart failure. The discharge orders include furosemide 40 milligrams by mouth twice per day. The nurse recommends food to reduce unwanted medication side effects. Which of the following food would be most appropriate to include in the teaching plan?

A child comes into the clinic with several lesions to the scalp. The round lesions have dandruff like scaling with hair What is the MOST likely diagnosis for this skin condition?

A 40 years- old woman suffered an automobile accident one month ago. The accident resulted in a C-4 spinal cord injury. Her preventive care includes independent daily performance of coughing and deep Which range- of- motion exercise would be most beneficial for this patient?

A nine year- old girl has a nursing diagnosis of altered body image related to changes in appearance secondary to varicella infection. The child’s body is covered with a rash and many large, weeping pustules. The nurse provides counseling to the mother who is concerned that the child will develop Which intervention is most appropriate?

A nurse is assessing a client with possible Cushing's syndrome. In a client with Cushing's syndrome, the nurse expects to find:

Which vitamin deficiency is most likely to be a long-term consequence of a full-thickness burn injury?

Sildenafil (Viagra) is prescribed to treat a client with erectile dysfunction. A nurse reviews the client's medical record and would question the prescription if which of the following is noted in the client's history:

The physician ordered 1 liter of normal saline infusion for four hours, how much N/S should be delivered to the patient in one hour:

Best diagnostic test for suspected leukemia is:

The primary nursing goal when caring of a child with leukemia is to:

The oxygen flow rate for the nasal cannula is considered to be:

If the client develops a thrombus in one of the leg veins, which client response would the nurse expect when eliciting Homans’ sign?

When the nurse assesses the client for Homans’ sign, which technique is most accurate?

The phase that include action of the nursing care plan is called:

After vein ligation and stripping operation, the patient should:

After vein ligation and stripping operation, the patient should:

Rabies disease is considered:

A client receiving IV infusion. The skin around the IV insertion site is red, warm to touch and painful. The nurse should first:

Clients who have casts applied to an extremity must be monitored for complications. The most significant complication for which the nurse should assess the client's extremity is:

A nurse is assessing the legs of a client who's 36 weeks pregnant. Which finding should the nurse expect?

Which of the following is the best nursing action to assess pulse in a toddler patient:

One nursing intervention for patient with productive cough is to facilitate removal of secretions. This can be done by:

A 73 year old patient looks at you when you speak to her. When you ask her the date, she says "blue." You note left-sided weakness when she grips your What is her Glasgow Coma Score?

A patient during examination opens his eyes in response to pain, makes no verbal response, but withdraws from pain. What is the Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) for this patient?

A newborn APGAR score at 1 and 5 minutes is 5 and 10, half an hour later the baby became bluish in color with heart rate of 140/m, your first action would be:

The primary critical observation for Apgar scoring is the:

When performing a newborn assessment, the nurse should measure the vital signs in the following sequence:

Within 3 minutes after birth the normal heart rate of the infant may range between:

The expected respiratory rate of a neonate within 3 minutes of birth may be as high as:

When performing nursing care for a neonate after a birth, which intervention has the highest nursing priority:

Which of the following instructions are appropriate for the nurse to give the patient about the time of taking omeprazole tablet:

T.A. Patient arrived to E.R, on examination the patient has increased heart rate, low blood pressure and decreased level of consciousness, you must think that the patient is developing:

Which of the following disease has no vaccinations:

The type of burn in which all the dermis and epidermis, is destroyed and there is involvement of underlying structures is called:

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