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Welcome to your Prometric DHA HAAD Mock test 13
A child is send to the school nurse by the teacher . On assessment , the school nurse notes that the child has a rash. The nurse suspectes that the child has erythema infectiosum ( fifth disease) because the skin assessment revealed a rash that is

The parents of 6 month old male report that the infant has been screaming and drawing the Knees up to the chest and has passed stools mixed with blood and mucus that are jelly – like   A Nurse recognizes these signs and symptoms as indicative

Levothyroxine sodium (Synthroid) is hospitalized with congenital Hypothyroidism the chid vmits 10 minutes after administration of the dose.The best nursing action is to :

The nurse is preparing to take vital sign in an alert client admitted to the hospital with Dehydration secondary to vomiting and diarrhea . what is the best method used to assess the client’s temperature ?

A walk – in client enters into the clinic with a chief complaint of abdominal pain and diarrhea. The nurse takes the client’s vital sign hereafter . what phrase of nursing process is being implemented here by the nurse ?

A 51 year old woman is diagnosed with cholecystitis . which diet , when selected by the client, indicates that the nurses’s teaching has been successful ?

A male client undergoes total gastrectomy. Several hours after surery, te nurse notes that The client’s nasogastric (NG) tube has stopped draining . How should the nurse respond ?

After abdominal surgery ,your patient has severe coughing episode that cause wound Evisceration. In addition of calling the doctor , which ontervention is most approprlate?

You have to teach ostomy self -care to a patient with a colostomy. You tell the patient to Measure and cut the wafer :

Donald is a 61 year old man with diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is characterized by

A male client with a recent history of rectal bleeding is being prepared for a colonoscopy. How should the nurse position th client fr this test initially ?

The nurse is evaluating the status of client who had a craniotomy 3 days ago. The nurse Would suspected the client is developing meningitis as a complication of surgery if the client Exhibits:

When preparing a client for discharge after surgery foa a CABG, the nurse should teach the Client that there will be

A chile who has recently been diagnosed with cyctic fibrosts is in a pediatric clinic where a Nurse is performing an assessment Which later finding of this disease would the nurse not Expect to see at this time ?

The recommended diet for someone with cystic fibrosis is:

The sterile nurse or sterile personnel touch only sterile supplies and instruments. When There is a need for sterile supply which is not in the sterile field, who hands out these items By opening its outer cover?

The OR team performs distinct roles for one surgical procedure to be accomplished within a Prescribed time frame and deliver a standard patient outcome. White the surgeon performs The surgical procedure , who monitors the status of the clients like urine output , blood loss?

The nurse prepares to administer buccal medication The medicine should be placed…..

The nurse administers cleansing enema. The common position for this procedure is……4

The nurse is ordered to administer ampicillin capsule TID p c. The nurse should give the Medication ………

The nurse prepares IM injection that is irritating to the subcutaneous tissue. Which of the Following is the best action in order to prevent tracking of the medication

A patient with no known allergies is to receive penicillin every 6 hourse. When Administering the medication , the nurse observes a fine rash on the patient’s skin The most appropriate nursing action would be to:

All of the following nursing interventions are correct when using the Z-track method of Drug injection except:

The correct method for determining the vastuslateralis site for I.M injection is to :

The mid-deltoid injection site is seldom used for I.M. injections because it:

The mid- deltoid injection site is seldom used for I.M injections because It:

The appropriate needle gauge for intradermal injection is:

Parenteral penicillin can be administered as an:

The physician orders gr 10 of aspirin for a patient. The equivalent dose in mikkigrams Is:

The physician orders an IV of dextrose 5% in water at 100ml/hour. What would the Flow rate be if the drop factor is 15 gtt=1 ml?

Which of the following is a sign or symptom of hemolytic reaction to blood transfusion ?

The nurse is teaching the parents of a 3 month- old infant about nutrition. What is the Main source of fluids for an infant until about 12 months of age ?

While the nurse is administering medications to a client , the client states “ I do not want To take the medicine today . ‘’ Which of the following responses by the nurse would be Best ?

The nurse is assessing a 4 month – old infant . Which motor skill would the nurse anticipate finding ?

The nurse should recognize that all of the following physical changes of the head and face Are associated with the aging client except :

All of the following characteristics would indicate to the nurse that a elder client Might experience undesirable effects of medicines except:

When assessing a newborn whose consumed alcohol during the pregnancy, The nurse would assess for which of these clinical manifestations?

Which of these statements , when made by the nurse , is most effective when Communicating with a 4 year- old ?

A 64 year – old client schedules for surgery with a general anesthtic refuse to remove a Sent of dentures prior to leaving the unit for the operating room what would be the Most appropriate intervention by the nurse ?

The nurse is assessing a client who states her last menstrual period was March 17, and She has missed one period She reports episodes of nausea and vomiting. Pregnancy Is confirmed y a urine test . What will the nurse calculated as the estimated date of Delivery (EDD)?

The family of a 6 year old with a fractured femur asks the nurse if the child’s height will Be affected by the injury which statement is true concerning long bone fractures in Children?

A client is admitted to the hospital with a history of confusion , The client has difficulty Remembering recent events and becomes disoriented when away from which Statement would provide the best reality orientation for this clients?

24 when a client wishes to improve the appearance of their eyes by removing excess Skin from the face and neck , the nurse should provide teaching regarding which of the Following procedures?

A woman who is six months pregnant is seen in antepartal clinic She states she is having trouble with constipation . To minimize this condition, The nurse should instruct Her to

A nurse is caring for patient who has right mastectomy 2 days ago which of the following Is an appropriate nursing goal for this type of surgery?

Which instrust take priority in reducing anxiety related to surgery?

The nurse is assessing a patient who just bad surgery under general anesthesia . The Patients’s respiratory rate is a per minutes and O2 saturation on 3ml per minute of oxygen Via nasal cannula is 84% the nurse is awaiting the results of an arterial blood gas (ABG) and

A nurse has been visiting a bed ribben patient with decreased bowel mobility in the home For one month. The family tells the nurse that the patient is becoming incontinent of faces. The nurse evaluates the plan of care and notes which of the following intervention would MOST likely beneficial?

A bed bound patient has a care plan with interventions to include re positioning every 2 hours The patient developes a stage I pressure sore on the right heel What intervention Should be added to the care plan ?

A patient is receiving from surgery using spinal anesthesia. The patient developes a spinal Geadache. Which of the following nursing actions would be MOST appropriate?

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