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These days, more and more industries are requiring employees to become trained and certified to handle emergency medical situations – and for good reason.Studies indicate that eight out of ten of the 326,000 cardiac arrests that occur each year happen outside of a hospital.That means there’s a good chance someone could experience the need for emergency medical attention while they’re at work.Having someone employed that knows what to do in those situations can literally mean the difference between life and death.Whether you’re considering making a career change, weighing your different job options or are simply curious as to whether your dream role will require this type of training, here are several career fields that require medical certification.

Health Care Providers

This one’s a rather obvious one, but since the vast majority of our students are either in or in the process of entering the health care field, it warrants a mention.Generally speaking, anyone who is going to be working with patients in a clinical or hospital setting must have the appropriate medical certifications, such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Basic Life Support(ACLS). This list includes physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and emergency medical personnel.
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