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If you’re in the process of studying for your online medical certification, whether it’s your ACLSBLSPALS or CPR, having a good idea of what to expect and knowing what the steps for success are can improve your chances of passing your exam on your first try.While it’s certainly nice to have the option to retake your test as many times as necessary, most students prefer to get it done in one shot.To increase your odds of achieving this goal, here are a few expert tips.

Flex your memorization muscle.

Much of the material you will need to know for your online medical certification exam (and for the rest of your career, honestly) will involve memorization. For instance, there are a number of important algorithms that are required for your ACLS, PALS and BLS exam, including Adult Cardiac Arrest AlgorithmAcute Coronary Syndrome AlgorithmPALS Systemic Approach Algorithm (and many more). The key to successfully passing your exam on the first try will be your ability to remember and recall these things, so start flexing that memorization muscle in your brain now.