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Maternal and Child Health Nurse
Greenville Maternal and Child Health Centre Main Rd

20 March, 2010

Dear Nurse,

Re: Ann Ballard

Ann Ballard was admitted to the Children’s Hospital on 16 March 2010 with 2nd degree burns to her right arm and trunk after being accidentally scalded with hot water.

Her stay was uncomplicated, following the usual course ofdressings, analgesia and prophylactic antibiotic cover.

Ann will be discharged from hospital on 22 March 2010. She will require ongoing daily Silvanzine dressings to the affected area. No other treatment is required.

Ann’s mother, Christine Ballard, has recently separated from her husband and appears  to be very isolated. She also has financial problems and would benefit from meeting with a financial counsellor for assistance with these problems. The staff are concerned that Christine may be suffering from depression.

Christine would also benefit from your support and monitoring. In particular, your assistance with linking her into local support services and networks would, I believe, assist in reducing her isolation.

Thank you for being involved with the family’s ongoing care. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.


Yours sincerely,

 Charge Nurse

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