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Below are the list of connectors recommended in OET letter Writing
  • Simple connectors (called conjunctions): and, but, or.
  • Complex connectors: however, therefore, although, unless, despite, in spite of, subsequently, consequently
  • Owing to, in view of.
These connectors should be avoided in OET letter Writing
  • Academic connectors: furthermore, moreover
  • Informal connectors: besides, meanwhile, so.
Time phrases
  • On admission, Upon discharge, 2 days ago, On his first visit, During her hospital stay, Today, After 10 days of hospital stay.
Avoid too many of OR too less connectors in OET.

Ideal number of connectors in an OET letter is 2 or 3 maximum. If a sentence makes perfect sense without a connector, try not to use it.

Below are some examples of effective use of connectors in OET
  1. After a week in hospital, he has stabilised and his breathing problems are now resolved. However, he still experiences some chest and abdominal pain, with a dry cough.
  2. Mr Ramamurthy was very weak on admission to hospital, but has gained weight with dietitian input.
  3. Although she has a number of family members living nearby, their support is irregular, and Ms Martin may be at risk of social isolation.
  4. Owing to her extreme dependence, she will require a home care nurse.
  5. Despite good improvements, ongoing physiotherapy is recommended.
  6. She presented with severe abdominal pain and subsequently underwent various investigations.
  7. Ms Bell retired from a managerial position at the end of 2016, and has not found it easy to establish a new routine in her retirement.
  8. She also complaints of polyuria and polydipsia; therefore, a possibility of diabetes needs to be ruled out.
  9. Since October 2018, Mr Dunbar has shown signs of diabetic neuropathy and consequently mobilises with a walking stick.
  10. In spite of regular exercise, she has developed many lifestyle diseases.
Confusing Connectors in OET
    1. As well as – As well as “and” cannot be used interchangeably.


    • She needs aspirin as well as ramipril- only aspirin is in focus, ramipril is not important.
    • She needs aspirin and ramipril- both are equally important.
    1. Hence

    The use of hence in the beginning of a sentence is not recommended.

    1. Despite

    Never use subject after despite.  Despite can be followed by a noun or noun-equivalent.

                Example: Despite he has improved, ongoing care is recommended.

                                Despite improvements, ongoing care is recommended.

List of informal connectors-Make sure you don’t use them in OET writing
  • So,
  • Then,
  • That’s why…
  • Well,
  • Because of (it/that),
  • First of all,
  • Let’s start with…
  • Another thing,
  • What’s more,
  • Next,
  • Then,
  • Plus,
  • Also,
  • Besides
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