10th August 2018

Dr Chris Tsaz,
26/ Duncan Street,
Birchip, Mosman, Vic.3483

Dear Dr Chris Tsaz,
Re: Miss Tia Gnina, 8-Years-old

Miss. Tia is being discharged after a successful course of treatment for sickle cell crisis. Her condition has been improved, however in view of a possibility of relapse, she is referred to you.
No significant changes were noted in her blood, urine and X-ray report. Today she is afebrile and has no pain.

Miss Tia was admitted on 10.08.2018, with suspected symptoms of sickle cell crisis such as fever, abdominal pain, cramps and fatigue. She was febrile and looked tired. During the hospital stay, she was given IV Fluids and prophylactic antibiotics and pain control was achieved by paracetamol and morphine.
Upon discharge, she is recommended to consume 8 glasses of water per day with nutritious diet. She will need to abstain from vigorous exercise and avoid traveling to places in high altitude.

Your follow up care would be beneficial for her to prevent another episode of sickle cell crisis. All reports are attaché for your perusal. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details about Miss Tia.

Yours sincerely