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14th July 2018

Dr Lacricell
Newtown 2137

Re: Mr Wilter Pitman, 69-years-old.

Dear Dr. Lacricell,

You would be delighted to know that, Mr. Wllter Pitman’s wound is healed well without any
infections. However his blood pressure is extremely elevated; therefore being referred back to you.

The hospital stay was uneventful. In addition to prophylactic antibiotic therapy, Mr Pitman received
local wound care. He responded well to the treatment and was discharged on 03.07.18. At the time
of discharge, he had elevated systolic blood pressure, especially in supine position (180/90).

Mr Pitman has been visiting Nurselead outpatient clinic for wound care. Apart from a painful
hematoma development and pain , his wound never showed any signs of complications. However,
his systolic BP has been on the higher side (190 to 196mmHg) on all subsequent visits. In addition,
his pulse pressure has been found to be wide at all times.

Mr.Pitman’s last BP was noted today and found to be 196/86 in supine position. His physical
inactivity, overweight and suspected orthostatic hypertension warrant an urgent cardiac
assessment and management.

All revenant documents pertaining to his treatment are enclosed with this letter for your perusal. Do
not hesitate to contact me for further details about this patient.

Yours Sincerely

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