Nursing Leadership & Management
 Ms. Caputo is newly-promoted to a patient care manager position. She updates her knowledge on the theories in management and leadership in order to become effective in her new role. She learns that some managers have low concern for services and high concern for staff. Which style of management refers to this?

Her former manager demonstrated passion for serving her staff rather than being served. She takes time to listen, prefers to be a teacher first before being a leader, which is characteristic of

On the other hand, Ms. Caputo notices that the Chief Nurse Executive has charismatic leadership style. Which of the following behaviors best describes this style?

Which of the following conclusions of Ms. Caputo about leadership characteristics is TRUE?

She reads about Path Goal theory. Which of the following behaviors is manifested by the leader who uses this theory?

One leadership theory states that “leaders are born and not made,” which refers to which of the following theories?

She came across a theory which states that the leadership style is effective dependent on the situation. Which of the following styles best fits a situation when the followers are self-directed, experts and are matured individuals?

She surfs the internet for more information about leadership styles. She reads about shared leadership as a practice in some magnet hospitals. Which of the following describes this style of leadership?

 Ms. Caputo learns that some leaders are transactional leaders. Which of the following does NOT characterize a transactional leader?

She finds out that some managers have benevolent-authoritative style of management. Which of the following behaviors will she exhibit most likely?

Henry is a Unit Manager I the Medical Unit. He is not satisfied with the way things are going in his unit. Patient satisfaction rate is 60% for two consecutive months and staff morale is at its lowest. He decides to plan and initiate changes that will push for a turnaround in the condition of the unit. Which of the following actions is a priority for Henry?

He knows that there are external forces that influence changes in his unit. Which of the following is NOT an external force?

 After discussing the possible effects of the low patient satisfaction rate, the staff started to list down possible strategies to solve the problems head-on. Should they decide to vote on the best change strategy, which of the following strategies is referred to this?

One staff suggests that they review the pattern of nursing care that they are using, which is described as a:

Which of the following is TRUE about functional nursing?

 Functional nursing has some advantages, which one is an EXCEPTION?

He raised the issue on giving priority to patient needs. Which of the following offers the best way for setting priority?

Which of the following is the best guarantee that the patient’s priority needs are met?

When Henry uses team nursing as a care delivery system, he and his team need to assess the priority of care for a group of patients, which of the following should be a priority?

 He is hopeful that his unit will make a big turnaround in the succeeding months. Which of the following actions of Henry demonstrates that he has reached the third stage of change?

 Joey is a newly-appointed nurse manager of The Holy Spirit Medical Center, a tertiary hospital located within the heart of the metropolis. He thinks of scheduling planning workshop with his staff in order to ensure an effective and efficient management of the department. Should he decide to conduct a strategic planning workshop, which of the following is NOT a characteristic of this activity?

Which of the following statements refer to the vision of the hospital?

The statement, “The Holy Spirit Medical Center aims to provide patient-centered care in a total healing environment” refers to which of the following?

 Joey plans to revisit the organizational chart of the department. He plans to create a new position of a Patient Educator who has a coordinating relationship with the head nurse in the unit. Which of the following will likely depict this organizational relationship?

He likewise stresses the need for all the employees to follow orders and instructions from him and not from anyone else. Which of the following principles does he refer to?

 Joey orients his staff on the patterns of reporting relationship throughout the organization. Which of the following principles refer to this?

 He emphasizes to the team that they need to put their efforts together towards the attainment of the goals of the program. Which of the following principles refers to this?

Joey stresses the importance of promoting ‘esprit d corps’ among the members of the unit. Which of the following remarks of the staff indicates that they understand what he pointed out?

 He discusses the goal of the department. Which of the following statements is a goal?

He wants to influence the customary way of thinking and behaving that is shared by the members of the department. Which of the following terms refer to this?

He asserts the importance of promoting a positive organizational culture in their unit. Which of the following behaviors indicate that this is attained by the group?

Stephanie is a new Staff Educator of a private tertiary hospital. She conducts orientation among new staff nurses in her department. Joseph, one of the new staff nurses, wants to understand the channel of communication, span of control and lines of communication. Which of the following will provide this information?

Stephanie is often seen interacting with the medical intern during coffee breaks and after duty hours. What type of organizational structure is this?

 She takes pride in saying that the hospital has a decentralized structure. Which of the following is NOT compatible with this type of model?

Centralized organizations have some advantages. Which of the following statements are TRUE? 1. Highly cost-effective 2. Makes management easier 3. Reflects the interest of the worker 4. Allows quick decisions or actions.

Stephanie delegates effectively if she has authority to act, which is BEST defined as:

Regardless of the size of a work group, enough staff must be available at all times to accomplish certain purposes. Which of these purposes is NOT included?

Which of the following guidelines should be least considered in formulating objectives for nursing care?

 Stephanie considers shifting to transformational leadership. Which of the following statements best describes this type of leadership?

 As a manager, she focuses her energy on both the quality of services rendered to the patients as well as the welfare of the staff of her unit. Which of the following management styles does she adopt?